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Is this why Jesus had 11 and 1 disciples? Whatever, 13 is the central point of the Icosahedron and symbol of the FiLMS Foundation

Learning to count as a path to wisdom will not be explained here. We will just give you the rules of the game and then you are free to play.

Counting: the path of abundance

For the first and smallest possible element to exist it also needs consciousness to affirm its existence. Being surrounded by emptiness the one point can only continue to exist (or re-exist) through the presence of consciousness. This thus implies a mutual dependence which can only find form through another point as an expression of mutual affirmation. The latter point seeks to be as close as possible to the first point and by doing that forming something new: the first dimension a line.

The combination thus forms a new entity which can only be recognised by a third element, a new point that seeks to form the most compact combination the triangle.

This triangle now represents two dimensions. This is something new and thus it creates a fourth point to recognize the existence of these two dimensions and thus creates the third dimension.

Every new point seeks a maximum connection (minimum distance) with the previous points and so the fourth point has created a tetrahedron the smallest possible three dimensional form. By adding one single point one suddenly has a double tetrahedron. If we keep adding points in the same direction we create a snake like form similar to a DNA spiral. If we add points under a different angle with seven points we get a wheel. 2 points for the axe and five points around it to form a pentagram shaped wheel thus formed out of five tetrahedrons.

If we add one point to every surface and add one point to close the structure then we create an Icosahedron the FiLMS symbol. What is special about this form?

The Icosahedron has twenty regular triangles on the outside thus formed by sixty points. Every point however is also the centre of a pentagram thus serving 5 triangles and hence the outer surface is formed only out of twelve points. Al 20 tetrahedrons are connected through the one central point in the middle surrounded by the 12 points on the surface becomes a ‘20 point’ and hence energetically speaking ‘supercharged’. So in a material reality any point (and the same holds for a Person) truly connected with twelve other points (or Persons) gets ‘Super-charged’. This is the essense of abundance.

This is only the beginning! Perhaps you like to construct your own Icosahedron and start adding points to discover that you have no choice but to end up understanding the laws of abundance and some things about the Universe.

Have fun!!!!!!

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