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– but only if we dare to dream and take that future –

By drs. ing Joseph A.M. van Keulen

Sherida walked energetically out of the door munching her fruit and fiber bar, organic, of course and nutritionally appropriate for her body. It had long been determined that missing meals was a physiologically unsound practice, and these bars were developed for each individual and were a healthy alternative to a meal. She spoke into her communication button, contacting the city communication centre to learn when her friend would be meeting her. The communication button had replaced the cell phone and the communication center could put her in contact with anyone. Missing rendez-vous was a thing of the past.

Everything was going so well since she had decided to stay tuned into positive appreciation and accepting fully all feelings that lived in her. The world looked brighter and she had already managed to make several new and interesting contacts and had even been invited to a few parties where she had met some new friends. At times it took some effort to not worry about the happiness and well being that she felt most of the time. It reminded her that this open ended process did work.

She had walked fifty meters She when the communication centre spoke into her earpiece to let her know that the sculptor Boris Mintov with a Skoda Hydrogen city dweller was going to stop for her at the former bus stop at Kofi Annan Street just ahead. He would drop her around the corner of the Chicago café in Newton Street where she was to meet her friend Dr. Paolo who had shifted their meeting to that location because he wanted to have a look next door at the new collection of para-fly-suits. She and the car arrived simultaneously. As always she was a little excited in anticipation of the expected pleasure of meeting new people again and to explore with them the subjects that occupied them at that moment. Would this encounter also have the same synchronistic happenings that were by now so familiar and yet still surprised her? She had met a large part of her current network this way, going to a meeting that she feared would be dull and un-inspiring and leaving with a list of names for her communication button and invitations to meetings and parties. Transport was now a key ingredient of social life and creative impulses.

No wonder that the initial general resistance against the drive to turn every vehicle and every means of transport into an integral part of the region’s transport system had faded away so quickly. ‘Ownership of vehicles’ was now for those who liked the pleasure of driving around, no one else could be bothered.

From hind-side it was clear that the love of the motor car had in fact been a mass sociological development phase preparing mankind for the first joys of exercising true freedom of choice about the direction, pace, path and destination of and for their individual lives. It taught communities and later societies that in order to enjoy freedom of choice, an effective infrastructure of rules, roles and judiciary was necessary, not to suppress or control but to serve and support the constant innovation and re-growth of the artistic, creative, social, political and technical infrastructures which became more and more in tune with nature again. Multiple monies were re-invented to turn the focus of business and society towards the long term and to help people differentiate and account for the value constellations the councils of wisdom were pursuing. Hedging rises and drops in value units was now a favorable past time for those who still valued money and spending but it was now not much bigger than stamp collection, the age old favorite.

She shook her head as if to bring her mind under control again and say hello to Boris and his fellow travelers while she was getting into the vehicle. Boris had some interesting ideas he shared freely and could perhaps be involved in her new project about ‘direct’ knowledge, she thought. Artistic minds often had a well developed open kind of channel of perception that could relatively easily be involved in the direct knowledge research, much more easily than those minds still firmly stuck in the particle thinking and the old science paradigm. “It was wonderful to travel together and have this conversation. Thank you all. Boris I will get in touch with you through our tracer, OK? Goodbye!”

Now she was standing in front of the Chicago café. Pablo was already sitting at a table near the window. The air was fresh and the sun shining. What a day to advance their ideas about this exciting research project. It had been a difficult step to get the Royal Society for Quantum Physics to accept taking their findings so seriously that they would step again in the central arena to begin common research with all key fields of science and lead the way again. It had let to total breakthroughs in many of the major fields of knowledge. It was promising still much more since slowly the full weight of the collective nature of knowing and consciousness was becoming more apparent to all involved and interested.

From an operational and methodological perspective however the full inclusion of the vibratory or wave aspect of reality back into the core scientific realm was what actually did the trick. Too bad for Popper. The results seemed spectacular and enormous at the time but it was only a faint glimmer in comparison to the subsequent consequences of the full acceptance of the premise that humankind was inherently so sensitive that it could directly sense into the nature of things and consciousness itself. No more scientific approximations but a full inversion of the scientific paradigm and scientific pursuit of what the mystics and ancients would have called NOUS. In the new scientific work the inner knowledge was seen as going towards objectivity whilst the outer dimension which had been previously considered as objective was given an equally important subjective component. Perception from now on depended entirely on the degree of unfoldment of the participant/observer. What a privilege she was in the forefront of this epic journey of discovery!

“Hello Pablo” she said and offered him her cheek which he pleased with three kisses. “Hi Beauty!” It was a glorious day, the beginning of another adventure.

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