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Now that the Greece issue comes back to the forefront of our attention it is time that our politicians consider a third way: parallel currencies! Not only for Greece but for all south European countries and for local and regional use throughout also the northern countries including the Netherlands, Germany and France. Think here what would happen if initiatives as the Chiemgauer, the Brixton Pound and the Suisse WIR bank were copied and developed to their next logical stage of development?

For a range of ideas and proposals into this desired direction please look at: List of parallel currency articles; by publication date:

and at: List of parallel currency proposals for Greece and the EMU; by author

Parallel Currencies – sources

For the theoretical and practical reasoning which makes such development understandable and logical please see: The true potential of EU, EMU and Euro; by Joseph van Keulen. Available via: www.credt.eu

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