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Here are 4 short YouTube movies by Dirk Bezemer from the University of Groningen.

In these movies Dirk explains that debt is money. How debt and credit shape our economy and how economists missed for decades the elephant in the room: unproductive debt causing booms and busts. With an unsustainable debt ratio we MUST restructure our debt levels, regulate and restructure our banks and financial markets and secure more productive lending for the economy of goods and services. He expresses the need for a revolution in the economic system in order to transform towards a system that seeks balance and equilibrium and sustainable economic growth.

These movies not only give us an illuminating explanation of how we came into the current mess but also pose the relevant questions of what ought to be done. In this capacity it serves as a perfect introduction of my book: ‘The true potential of EU, EMU and Euro’. In it I make some suggestions for the basic shape, form and function of the New Economy.

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