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“Madness is keep doing the same and expecting a different result”, Confusius

I have a dream.


I dream that we see the refugees as people in distress and as an opportunity for social, economic, financial and monetary innovation. When your town is bombed off the face of the earth and mindless killing is rampant then fleeing is common sense and the only courageous thing to do. Butcher, baker or goldsmith, father, mother or student, teacher, doctor or shopkeeper, they are all forced to be on the run. The elderly have little chance and often stay behind increasing the hurt of all. They all flee for a place of Hope.

So in my dream we welcome them, give them first help to relief the extremes of their stress so they can calm down and slowly find back their true self. Then we give them space and basic facilities and allow them to organise themselves and start to build a sort of community in which everyone gives what he or she can contribute and receives what is needed and a share of what is in surplus or he or she would wish to receive.

In my dream they build a community as if they had landed on the moon. They do what they can and are in first instance dependant of external supplies for all the rest. The new community starts with a charter of principles it wishes to put in place and practise.  It aims to become a self-governing community with open and transparent principles of self-governance by basing it on sociocratic principles. All members of the community are given a voice and all major objections to any decision are being voiced and heard. All people start by bringing in their own expertise, knowhow and knowledge. In the beginning this community is supported and where needed coached by the outside Alien world (us). We the Aliens are surprised by what happens amongst the newcomers and learn a lot of useful things for and about our own society.

In my dream the newcomers build an economic community based on the original concepts about economy as a collective household. An exchange of goods and services, a give and receive that, over time, needs to remain in balance. A system where the value of the net worth produced remains the ownership of the community itself. The community has created its own Cred money system to oil the transactions, to allow the complexity to increase and to steer and regulate. The Cred money is created by ‘doing’ not ‘owning’ yet for selected parties it is exchangeable with the Debt based Euro world. The community is preparing itself to celebrate the fact that it is about to start to ‘export some goods and services to the Alien world for which they get paid in Euro’s.

In my dream I can see these communities being built in many places and many countries of the European community East and West. Then suddenly the idea is taken over the Mediterranean and newcomers communities spread all along the North African coast in countries like Marokko, Algeria and Tunesia. It sends messages of hope and inspires people to take charge of their own destiny.

Coming back out of my dream I remember my last round trip through the Sultanate of Oman. A country I still know from some 45 years ago when it was still a in a primitive state of pre-development. It is now a modern country with a wise man as Sultan Qaboos at the helm. One of the things that deeply struck me was the way the government of Oman tries to integrate the travelling nomad families into a more modern way of life. At the edges of the desert they build beautiful houses with a good size garden and walls for the goats and sheep, a school and administration building for those families. If the family chooses to put their child(ren) into school then they are given a house with only one condition:  from then on they maintain the property on their own.

Back in the Here and Now I hope that this dream may come through. That interested parties may stand up  to form a coalition to make it happen. How this can be done is a matter of further conversation for which I am available to contribute or lead.

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