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Paradigm Shift Management (PSM) is developed by Drs. Joseph van Keulen in which he combines all his multi disciplinary experience drawn from the fields of engineering, finance, economics, project management and philosophy complemented by his experience as an international manager, consultant, coach, writer and practitioner of family and organizational constellations. The PSM Movement is built on five basic laws and principles:

  1. The Systems Laws of Abundance
  2. The Win-Win Approach
  3. The principle of Inclusiveness
  4. The And-And Principle
  5. The Past Present Future continuum

These five principles are complimented by a collective field of approach for the understanding and healing of Humans System Dynamics. Together it provides a comprehensive model to approach reality in a different way and to produce many insights and find solution-oriented approaches What we focus on, we get more of. Anyone can state problems, what is necessary is that we start living solutions.

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