Profiel Joseph 269x291As system coach I ask the engineering question: How does it work? From an economic perspective I am interested in the dynamics of the (money) system and what the results tell us about the nature of its design. The sum total of my knowledge and insights I captured in my ebook: The true potential of EU, EMU and Euro.

As a system constellator I approach reality from an integral and collective perspective and look for novel insights.
As systemic practitioners we developed ANKK, (Anders Naar Kinderen Kijken) which is a training for teachers to bring the art of ‘Systemic Observation’ into the classroom. The current challenge is to find concrete forms for the new economy.

To find answers to ‘impossible questions’ by looking at the deeper layers and other dynamics of people and politics, money and the arts, innovation and the impact of ‘zeitgeist’. Ready to help you with the dynamics of ‘Your Future wishing to Emerge’.